Don Moen - All The Heavens chords

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 F/A - C/G (2x)

 C      G/B       F/A        C
Holy, holy      are you Lord

          F                   C                   Dm-C-G/B
The whole earth is filled with your glo ry

 C         G/B     F/A      G
Let the nation rise to give

  F                  C/G                E
Honour and praise to your name

Am          D       G      D/F#m     Em
Let your face shine   on            us
                F           Dm7         G
And the world will know You live

             C             G/B             F
 All the heavens shout your praise

Dm7                   G
Beautiful is our God

       Em               Am
The universe will sing

         F           G          F       (F-G) if VERSE
Hallelujah to you are King

         F           G          F    G        (C pause)
Hallelujah to you are King  (x3)
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