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Don Moen - I Adore chords

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  EM7                   C#m
I.      The universe is at your feet
                         A               B
        Gives you praise evermore
        E              EM7                       C#m
        The stars will light the sky for you
                   A                     B
        And always god be praised
                                   A                                    B
Pre Chorus:     And we sing the Lord is on high
          C#m            A        C#m   B
        The Lord is on high
                  E/G#   A         F#m-G#m    B
Chorus: I adore you,  I   adore       you
                  A            G#m
        And there's none that compares
                        F#m        B
        To your majesty O Lord
                  E/G#   A         F#m-G#m    B
        I adore you,  I   adore       you
        And I stand 
                           B                        E
        In the wonder of your love

                E  EM7             C#m
Bridge: We will crown you  King forever
                A         G#m     F#m    B
        Living Saviour, Jesus redeemer
                E      EM7        C#m
        Lord of heaven, Robed in majesty
                A           G#m          F#m       B
        Crown in Glory,  Creation adores you
                A                F#m
Coda:   Holy, holy    God Almighty
                D         A/C#     Bm7    E
        And forever  The Lord is exalted
                A                      F#m
        Hear the Angels    Shout His anthem
                D        A/C#   Bm7         E
        Ever-living   God we adore you
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