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Don Moen - You Make Me Lie Down tab

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Intro:  F-Fsus-F
             Gm                 C7
You make me lie down, in green pastures

              F C/E      Dm
You make me wanting for nothing

             Gm           A7              Dm      Gm     Dm
You fill my hunger, with honey from your sweet, sweet word.
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             Gm            C7
You let me worship before you

           F    C/E   Dm
So I will love and adore you.

               Gm                A7                Dm A7 Dm
You are my shepherd, you are my Jesus, you are my Lord (Repeat)

(Ad lib...chords as Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)

              Gm                 A7               Dm A7 D
You are my sheperd, You are my Jesus, You are my Lord (2x)
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