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Don Williams - Tulsa Time chords

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then into E open chorded plam mute like


And switch to a B7 - x21202 - same rythym

E                                                           B7 
I left Oklahoma, Drivin in my pontiac just about to lose my mind

I was headin to arizona maybe on to california, where the people all live 
so fine.

My mama says im lazy, my baby calls me crazy. I was gonna show em all this 
time.  That you know I aint no fool and I dont need no more schoolin i was
born to just walk the line.

E                                    B7
Livin on Tulsa time...livin on tulsa time

Gonna sety my watch back to it cuz you know i been through it, i was born 
to just walk the line.

(whole song played same way)

Well there I was in hollywood, wishin i was doin good.
Talkin on the telephone line.
But they dont need me in the movies and nobody sings my songs guess im just waistin time.
Well then i got to thinkin, man im really sinkin.

.... (i forget last line) ill remember it and add it to comments or edit tab.  Enjoy
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