Donovan - River Song tab

This song is Super easy...There are only two parts.

Starts like this:

"Oh the waters flows, over rock and stone..."

e ----3------3-----6-----6------5------5-----|
b -----3------3-----6-----6------5------5----|
G ------0------0-----0-----0------0------0---|
D -------------------------------------------|  (twice)
A -------------------------------------------|
E --3-------3-----6-----6------5-----5-------|

"Oh the river flows, so old"

e ---10-------10--------8------8------6-------6------|
b -----10-------10-------8------8------6-------6-----|
G -------0--------0-------0------0------0-------0----|
D ---------------------------------------------------|  (twice)
A ---------------------------------------------------|
E -10-------10--------8-------8------6-------6-------|
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