Dot Hacker - Puncture chords

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Tabbed by:mikedapike

Hi, here's my third attempt on a Dot Hacker tab. I know, there already exists a 
tab for this song, but I think in this case it's more convenient to have the 
chords. I also want to use this opportunity to thank the people who take a look or 
maybe even use and rate my tabs and comment on them. You're my motivation as well 
as the lack of tabs for great music! Enjoy!

P.S.: I've found these lyrics on the net; so feel free to post corrections on the lyrics as well.


F                             Eb

F                             Eb
    It's useless to           say 

F                             Eb
  That you only scratched the surface. 

F                             Eb
   Your surficial             face 

F                             Eb
   Bears the mark of          everything. 

G       D    Bm     F#
  Every undertaking overthrown 

Gmaj7                Bb           F
        You'll waste away for the next time 

F                             Eb
  And you should have seen your face 
F                             Eb
  As they banished you to the outskirts 

F                             Eb
  Like an asteroid that fell 

F                             Eb             G
  Or a dream that you       couldn't tell anyone

D       Bm                    F# 
  Everything that you just  couldn't sell 

Gmaj7                         Bb           F
   You'll waste               away till it falls on you... 


Eb   F   Eb   F

Eb   F   Eb

Abmaj7  Ebmaj7    Abmaj7 Ebmaj7
Point - less,     swan - dive, 

Abmaj7  Ebmaj7    Abmaj7  F                  Eb
Point - less,     swan - dive into your river floor 

F                 Eb
  Your river      floor 

G            D     Bm   F#
  And you're damn, damn damaging 

Gmaj7                   Bb                          F          Eb
  And they're all gonna scratch their back,peddling heads down. 

F            Gm
  A puncture in the sky, 

Eb/Bb          Abmaj7           Gm     Cm  Bb   F/A
  I'm peering  down on all your little toy lives 

F                                Eb
         How  important they all look now... 

F           Gm
 That you decide,you

Eb/Bb            Abmaj7                Gm     Cm        Bb   F/A
 Of the what the future brings and what I can bring to it 

          F#o           Gm      [ch]Gm/F#[/ch]
  If only I have been invited, yeah. 

Bb                  Eb              F7

Bb                  Eb              F7

Bb                  Eb
  And all we are we are, 

             We are trying 

            However hard, 

You look at someone else's star 

F7                   Bb
It won't get you very far. 

    You   know  I  am   unsure 

But are we all?

many times: Bb Eb F7

Outro chords: Bb Eb F7 F#o Gm [ch]Gm/F#[/ch] Bb/F
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