Douwe Bob - Blind Mans Bluff chords

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        G                            A               C
Well I used to pick the hand that I needed before I washed that hand in the 
 D                G     (G)                                  A                
shame of the defeated. And I went from town to town reading cards and weighing 
              C             D              G
dice. When I needed love I never paid the asking price. 


 G       A Em          A                               Em    A    G 
And oh, oh no. You've got me in this game that I can't win oh no. Call me a 
             A         Em    G               D          G
Junky but I need your stuff, man I love this blind man's bluff. 

Verse 2
        G                                     A                    C
Well I used to break the hearts of those who loved me but from the moment 
                  D                  G           G                        
you'd put me the blind fold on, you made me see. Cause girl I dreamt and I 
              A                      C                          D
dreamt and I woke up in your dreams. Baby over sign and got me caught up in 

your song oh yeah. 


G                        A                           C            D
You got me blindfolded, you've made me see the light I need your sweet sweet 
stuff x7 

Hoop dat het er op lijkt en veel plezier dr mee :)
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