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Doves - Catch The Sun tab

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Doves – Catch The Sun       Tabbed by Robbie Adamson

Intro B, G, B, G x2

Verse 1
Every day it comes to this
                                             G                     B
Catch the things you might have missed, you say……get back to yesterday
I ain't ever going back
                                         G                    B
Back to the place that I can't stand but I……miss the way you lie
I'm always misunderstood
                                   G                   F#
Pulled apart and ripped in two but I…… miss the way you lie
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G          D  A        E
Catch the sun, before it's gone
G         D    A            E
Here it comes, up in smoke and gone
G          D  A      E 
Catch the sun, it never comes
G           D     A           E
Cry in the sand, lost in the fire

Verse 2
I never really understood
                              G                   B
Why I didn't feel so good but I miss the way you lie
I've always been up and down
                                   G                   F#
Never wanted to hit the ground But I miss the way you lie


Instrum B, G, B, G, F#, G, A
        G, D, A, E x2

Chorus  (and rpt chords to fade)
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