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Down And Away - My Father My All tab

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Greatest band ever right here, greatest song ever too. My Father My All.
So here it is. PLEASE rate


(verse 1)

G           C  D G            C  D G
I've walked down   this road again
           C      D G             C     D G
and i ran away from  my father my friend
C     D           C        D
now i know that i need you now
C         D  C              D    
so here i am wont leave you now
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G                C                            G
cause you know i fall but you're there when i call
             C          D         G
you never forget me, my father my all
                 C                        G
you look past my wrongs show me where i belong
              C           D         G
i'll never forget you, my father my all

G  D   C
hallelujah x4