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Downhere - Glory By The Way Of Shame chords

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I fell in love with this song as soon as I got the CD. 
The lyrics are so powerful. I'm pretty sure this chording is right. 
I found any chords below capo 4 are just too difficult to perform smoothly and as clean sounding. 
If anyone has any other suggestions I'm all ears. Thanks. God bless.

Intro: Gsus  G Em D C

Verse 1
   Gsus  	 G		    Em D C
He ran away from home at the age of seventeen
 	     Gsus	      G
For years he drank himself to sleep
			  Em D	  C
Under the bridge of Saint Stephen Street
Gsus		   G
"Dad, I'm stopping by, Can you look me in the eye?"
	    Em	    D      C
He left the message on the phone
       Gsus	   G				      C
At the bus stop he cried, his father held a sign that read
"Welcome Home"


D  G	     D	    C
Glory by the way of shame
       D     G  D      C
Bear a cross in Jesus' name
D  G	     D	    C
Glory by the way of shame
          Em    C
It's an amazing grace
	     D	    Gsus G
Glory by the way of shame

Verse 2   
She cheated on him twice, but for fear she never told
She finally confessed, before her heart ran cold
With pain in his eyes, he walked out of the house and drove to town
Bought her a white wedding dress
Came home to her and danced
To the song of forgiveness

Verse 3
If these stories are true
I really couldn't say
But of my own heart I know
It goes much the same
(go straight into chorus)
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