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Downhere - Larger Than Life chords

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Artist: Downhere
Song: Larger Than Life
Tuning: DADGBe

***This is a great song, with pretty simple instrumentation. The album version of course
is for a full rock band, with multiple guitar parts. For the purposes of this tab
however, I am writing out the parts for one acoustic guitar. I will try an incorporate a 
mimic of some of the other riffs which are played on a second guitar, for instance in the
Intro. This is meant to be a guide for those who want to play it solo. Feel it our for 
yourself in terms of rhythm, strum pattern, time signature, etc.***


    D  [ch]Bm11[/ch]        D                                       [ch]Bm11[/ch]              D
e|-(0)-(0)-|     e|-5-5-5---2-2-0------5-5-5-0-2-2-2h3p2-0--5-5--2-2-0-------|
B|--3---3--|     B|-------3----3--3-3---------------------3-----3------3--2h3|
G|--2---2--|     G|----------------------------------------------------------|
D|--0---0--|     D|----------------------------------------------------------|
A|--0---2--|     A|----------------------------------------------------------|
D|--0---x--|     D|----------------------------------------------------------|

You can simulate the 2 guitar parts by combining the intro riff into the strumming of
the chords. Above is a rough outline of the Riff, and is not exact. Feel it out as you
will. The Riff is roughly the same melody for the lyrics in the verses.


D: 0002320 (strum full chord once on first beat, then stick to top 4 strings)
Bm11: x20230
A: x02220 OR Asus: x02200 (whichever you like. Have fun experimenting)
G: 555030 OR any other variations you think sound good/better
C: x32033 OR whatever (the recording just sounds like power chords to me anyway)
Bb: x1333x


Walk this life beneath the stars
Contemplate just who we are
             [ch]Bm11[/ch]   (G)           D
Against the backdrop of knowing God

Seasons pass, they come and go
But one thing keeps its worth in gold
  [ch]Bm11[/ch]            (G)               D
A timeless bond, sharing dreams we hold


               [ch]Bm11[/ch]     A              G
It's larger than life,   it's larger than we
               [ch]Bm11[/ch]     A              G
It's bigger than you,    it's bigger than me
It's larger than life


There's something here that tells me so
I was not made to walk alone
    [ch]Bm11[/ch]          G
It sharpens me to know we stand as one     X2

CHORUS (See Above)
INTERLUDE = INTRO. Chords again


C                               [ch]Bm11[/ch]
Will our lives reflect the Maker    (Of the sky we're living under)
C                                       [ch]Bm11[/ch]
It changes all to know You're really there   (You're really there)
C                                   [ch]Bm11[/ch]
When the space between us falls apart    (Falls Apart)
           Bb                    A
You're the bridge that spans our hearts


You're larger than life, You're larger than we
Who's bigger than You? You're bigger than me     X2

OUTRO (same as INTRO)

Lyrics courtesy of Christian Lyrics dot Net
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