Dr Hook - Up On The Mountain chords

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Sal from the valley loved Al from the alley
and they lived in harmony
Sally played acoustic and Al he played electric
and they both took turns on lead
they played it for their friends
again and again
       D               A
of the places they had been
          D                A
but their favorite song of all was called
E              A
up on the mountain


up on the mountain up where the light breaks
D                        A
that's where you'll find me
D                    A
I'm gonna leave this worrisome world
and it's troubles behind me
up on the mountain where the light breaks
D                 A
that's where I'll be
  D                  A
I barely got time to finish this song
   E                A
so say farewell for me

well in to the valley came a gal from the galley
with a strange and smilin face
sally played acoustic and Al played electric
and the girl played a hell of a bass
and when they sang their harmonies
the lady dipped right in
she soon moved in and lived with them
up on the mountain

(repeat chorus)

now Al from the alley is gone from the valley
he's a sad and wiser man
and Sally from the valley and the girl from the galley
they live in mortal sin
Sally plays acoustic and the girl plays electric
and sometimes they hold hands
and late at night you can hear them playin
up on the mountain

(repeat chorus)

.......Hot lickin and finger pickin............so say farewell for me!!
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