Drake Bell - Nevermind chords

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This is the version of youtube users (no official song)

E                    F#m
Sit in my desk and I write the words down
G#m                     C#m
Reading them out and perfect the sound
E                      F#m
I look in the mirror rehearse all my lines
     G#m                   C#m
Make sure it comes out the first time
I been a little nervous usually Iím not nervous
F#m                                            G#m
But I gotta do this fine the way that make you see
Its best for both of us
You may no see it now
     E                        F#m                 B
So I take a deep breath and I say what Iíve gotta say
            E                F#m                     B
Thought Iíd love you forever now Iím gonna give you away
       G#m      C#m       G#m      C#m
But it hurts so bad and I canít go back
Once Iíve cross that line
So never mind
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