Drake White - Fifty Years Too Late chords

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Fifty Years too Late
Drake White

This is a very bluesy song. I like to hammer on the E every couple of beats
and palm mute the majority of the song.

Intro: E G A E

Verse 1
I love spring and dogs and rusty screen doors
Candle light on creaky wood floors
   A                              E
A good sunrise and fireflys in a jar, yessir
A banjo ringing through the pines
    G                                A
The way I feel on homemade wine and jug fishing
Under a sky full of stars

Pre-Chorus 1
          A                   E
Said I'm okay, yes, I'm just fine
Just wish the world would move slower
Or that I could go back in time

Well, but I'm still a down home southern boy
   G                       A               E
I don't need nothing just enough to get me by
       E                      A           
I was raised at an early age when you shake a man's hand
     A                      E
You look him square in the eye
             E                      G
Well, I'm a real cool, old school, don't you lie to me fool
       A                           E
There ain't a damn thing about me fake
       E                      G
I'm a modern day John Wayne, got my daddy's last name
A                     E         E  G  A  E
Born fifty years too late, yep

Verse 2
    E                       G
So whatever happened to an honest day's work
A                   E
Sweating hard in a flannel shirt
        E                   G
It's a fast paced rat race, no giving all take
A                   E
Who's gonna finish first
E              G                  A                   E
Nowadays it's safe to say that a damn dog's got more rights
       E                             G
Cause the administration's trying to rule the population
           A                         E
Folks, we gotta stand up, we gotta fight

Pre-Chorus 2
                A                           E
But I don't complain, just take it all in stride
It just seems this whole world, it has changed
Almost overnight

(Repeat Chorus)

Instrumental: E G A E (4X)

(Repeat Chorus) 
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