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Drake - Marvins Room tab


                                Artist: Drake
                              Song: Marvin's Room

     Just messing around one day and found a cool way to play this song that's really 
simple. I play it a half-step down, but that is optional. You can still play it standard 
and whatnot. (<---idk what that word is)

The entire song is......

     You can also hammer on the high e string and the b string on the fret corresponding 
with the a string....

     Once you get the transitions between chords down (the song is 4/4 time I believe so 
it should be easy), the strumming pattern follows the beat of the actual song(I beat my 
on my guitar body with my palm and knuckles to match the actual beat...because I'm gangster...).

     To start y'all off, this is the pattern the transitions follow
(move to the next chord every "/")

Verse 1:
/                /                         /
-Cups of the rose, bitches in my old phone.
                              /                                (and repeat)
-I should call one and go home. I've been in this club too long...

/                         /
-Fuck that nigga that you love so bad.
        /                         /            (and rrrrrepeat)
-I know you still think about the times we had...

/   /
   -I'm just saying you could do better.
/   /                                      (re-re-re-repeat)
   -Tell me have you heard that lately?...

and that should do you for the rest of the song! I've spelled everything out for you and 
given you options...if you can't get it down from there...stop playing guitar...DO IT!!!!?
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