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Dream Theater - Space Dye-vest tab

			     Space Dye-Vest - Dream Theater
Tabbed by: June Bug

Tuning: Standard

Only Done The Intro So Far, Will Try And Do More At Some Point

e| ---0-----1-0-0--0-1-0---3-1-1--1-3-1---5-3-3--3-5-3-0-6-5-5--5-6-5---8-6|
B| -3---3----------------2--------------3-----------------------------6----|
A| ------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E| ------------------------------------------------------------------------|

G|------------------------------------------------(2)-|. Play This Twice,
D|----------------------------------------------------|. Ignoring the (2) 
A|----------------------------------------------------|  Second Time Around

Figured I'd Do This Because It's The Way I Taught Myself and Is Less Complicated
That Playing On D and G Higher Up The Neck
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