Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors - Baby Tomorrow chords

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	        Baby Tomorrow - Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors
Tabbed by: Will Gooding
Email: willg715@cox.net

Tuning:standard (capo 5)

I think this is right, i reallllly like this song off their upcoming record.
listen here http://www.chasingsomeday.com/

their website...

not sure about the "i'm coming home" part, but it sounds alright to me, feel free to 
correct it

capo 5

The ba-da-da-da part on guitar is (relative to the capo)

Also, i prefer to play the D7 (i think it sounds better) like this
relative to capo

G                  Em       C
She pushed the door open,
D7                     G   Em    C    D7
turned the light switch on
G                        Em        C
she sleeps alone in our empty bed,
D7                      G   Em   C    D7
i've been gone too long

G    Em     C       D7            G    
Em   C
baby baby, tomorrow, i'm coming home,
D7                 G     Em   C   D7
      i'm coming home

(same as the first verse)
i turn on some music,
miles and miles and miles
ohh, another cup of coffee,
to wake my weary eyes
baby baby, tomorrow, i'm coming home
i'm coming home, i'm coming home

G   Em    C   D7  X2

i put the key in the backdoor,
walk quietly up the stairs
i'm gonna kiss her on the forehead,
till she realizes i'm right there
baby, baby tomorrow, baby, baby tomorrow
i'm coming home, i'm coming home, i'm coming home

 G   Em           C             D7          Repeat 
till end
(da, ba da da da, ba da da da, ba da da daaa daaa...)
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