Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors - Nothing But Trouble chords

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Nothing but trouble by Drew & Ellie Holcomb
Great, swinging song. And so easy to play. Enjoy!


G :     320033
Hm:     224432
Hm7:    224232
Am7:    002010
C:      032010

G Hm Am7 G C
all the time throughout verse and refrain, only bridge is reduced to Am7 and Hm7

G                  Hm
Midnight angel, blue-eyed baby
Am7                        G           C
You're the queen of my afternoons
G                 Hm
Rock'n'roller, oh you're a roller coaster
Am7                       G            C
You are the perfect melody

Refrain 2x:
I got nothing but trouble,
you got nothing but time,
   Am7                                     G                   C
so we got two hearts beating for a good right(?)

G                  Hm
California, east of eden
Am7                             G              C
I wish that I could read you're mind
G                 Hm
Wild flower, oh you're a loose cannon
Am7                             G              C
In the dark you are the brightest light


I got ...

Am7             Hm7
Bababah,        bababaaaha 
Am7                                         Hm7
You light me up like a rocket in the night sky,
Am7                      Hm7
your southern(?) kissing makes me loose my mind


I got ...
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