Drew Ryan Scott - Sounds Like Me chords

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Drew Ryan Scott - Sounds Like Me( asn.Debbie)

Standard Tuning + No Capo 

Chords used: G    : 320033
             Em7  : 022033  (Em  : 022000)
             Cadd9: x32033  (C   : x32010)
             D    : xx0232  (D/F#: 200233)
*Note:* This song does have guitar playing in the backround, 
        but you don't hear it well. The chords sound good to me. 
        If you need a strumming pattern, you can comment on this tab. 


G - Em7 - Cadd9 - D

[Verse 1]

G                   D/F#
Sifting through the ash
Em7                       Cadd9
Of the memories that were lost
G                 D/F#
Through the hour glass
Em7                       Cadd9
Because every dream has a cost

Em                    C
You said that we are different
G           D
I don't see how


         G          Em7
When you laugh, you cry
    Cadd9      D
You hope, you try
     G            Em7
You live for each moment
   Cadd9         D
To be all you can be
    G         Em7
You fall, you break
    Cadd9       D
You do what it takes
    G         Em7        Cadd9
You love, you touch, you sleep
Sounds a lot like me

[Verse 2]

G                D/F#
Standing on your own
There's a fork in
The road where do you go
G                           D/F#
You can't help yourself but cry
Cause the truth won't
Forget you it's right there every time

Em              C
You said that we won't work out
G            D
I don't see how cause


E                   C
You can't fall down alone no
G                            E
Look to your dreams you'll see me

G         Em7
I love, I cry
Cadd9     D
I hope, I try
   G         Em7        Cadd9    D
I live every moment for you and me


[Outro] x3 

You're just, just like me 
You're just, just like me 
You're just, just like me 
You're just, just like me 

Official myspace: http://www.myspace.com/drewtful
Drew is a member of the group Varsity Fanclub, 
this song however is from Drew as a solo artist. 

 asn.Debbie <3
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