Drew Seeley - Last Love Song tab

Hello! :) this is my third entry into one of my favorite tab/chord sites.

Drew Seeley's official website

I did a cover of this song on youtube! please check it out :]


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Drew Seeley is amazingly talented and handsome :) I want to sing with him one day.. :]

The Tab is pretty simple :) 
its just repeating the whole time


that's basically the tabs for the entire song..

for the part

"not this time, not this tiiiiiime"

just repeat this part



I think about you everyday
Sit down, pick up my guitar and play
You serve, serve as the inspiration
In so so many ways
But now why is it that I find
My well of inspiration has just run dry
Deep down, know I know the reason why
Just keep turning a blind eye

Not this time
Not this time

Cause I, I've sang to you a thousand times
This is the last love song
I get the feeling that you want to fly
This is the last love song
I'm not gonna sit around and wonder why
This is the last love song
Cause mainly I don't know to say goodbye
So I'm doing it this last love song

thanks to http://www.lyricsmania.com for the lyrics
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