Drifters - Up On The Roof chords

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Up On The Roof Chords
The Drifters

Capo 1st Fret

G                          Em
When this old world starts getting me down
    C                   D              G
And people are just too much for me to face
I climb way up to the top of the stairs
    C                 D                G
And all my cares just drift right into space

On the roof, it's peaceful as can be
    G                 Em               C  D
And there the world below can't bother me

Let me tell you now

G                        Em
When I come home feelin' tired and beat
  C               D                G
I go up where the air is fresh and sweet
I get away from the hustling crowds
    C                 D                 G
And all that rat race noise down in the street

On the roof, the only place I know
      G                Em              C  D
Where you just have to wish to make it so
Up on the roof

Instrumental:  G      Em     C     D     G

At night the stars put on a show for free
     G                Em                C  D
And, darling, you can share it all with me

I keep a-tellin' you

G                      Em
Right smack dab in the middle of town
     C           D                   G
I've found a paradise that's trouble proof
    G                    Em
And if this world starts getting you down
        C               D
There's room enough for two
          G     Em
Up on the roof 
          C         D
Up on the rooooof 
             G   Em      C    D
Oh, come on, baby... Up on the rooof
             G   Em      C    D          G (let ring)
Oh, come on, honey... Up on the rooof
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