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Drive-by Truckers - Get Downtown chords

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Kim said, "Jimmy, you better get yourself up
Off of that raggedy couch
I'm too pretty to work, and I'm tired of you
F             G
Uglying up my house"
Jimmy said, "Baby, the guys at the top
Are doing bad as the guys on the street"
Kim said, "The guys at the top ain't about to be
F                  G
Paying alimony to me"

Get downtown
See what you can find
         G                            C
Put your face in someone's that ain't mine

Looks like the unemployment blues
Are wearing out your house shoes
G                                C
Baby left when your boots came untied


Jimmy said, "Baby, ain't you seen the news?
It's as far as the eyes can see
Foreigners are coming in and doing our jobs
For half of what they would've paid me"
"You mean half of what you would've made for
Something you've never done
Sounds like the bright side to all this, Jimmy
Is your asking price went up
Now get downtown"



Jimmy said, "Baby, if I work for your daddy
It's worse than being his son"
Kim didn't like what he said one bit
And it didn't surprise him none
She said, "My daddy took good enough care
Of my mama, she hardly had to say a thing"
Jimmy said, "That's part of what's wrong"
Kim said, "Don't you say another damn thing
Just get downtown"
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