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Drive-by Truckers - The Fireplace Poker chords

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Song: The Fireplace Poker
Artist: The Drive-By Truckers
Album:  Go Go Boots
Tuning: down 1 whole step
Tabbed by: Casey Savell

  Cadd9     G          riff           Cadd9   G      Asus4
The Reverend had his wife done in by a guy I knew in High School
  Cadd9     G          riff           Cadd9   G      Asus4
He and a friend should do her in and make it look like a robbery
  Cadd9      G         riff          Cadd9    G      Asus4
"Here's money son, go buy a gun and shoot her in the head
  Cadd9     G      riff           Cadd9     G     Asus4
No one who dies, testifies, make sure that she is dead"

The heathens were paid a thousand bucks to eliminate someone
Plus they were paid five hundred more to get themselves a gun
The guy I knew had a hunting knife, "Why bother with a gun?
She'll still be dead, why sweat details, as long as it gets done"

The Bible said that Jesus bled for the sins of the rest of us
The Reverend has his wife done in for fifteen hundred bucks
They knocked upon the door and said their car broke down
and asked if they could use the phone for a ride back into town

They stabbed her several times and left her there for dead
Bleeding and crying out and gasping for breath
and they went out the very next night and bragged about it
The Reverend came home from work and found the Mrs. dying

Life was falling from her grasp but still she lay there trying
No one will ever know what she told him or know what he told her
Cause the Reverend did his wife in, fifteen whacks, fireplace poker
The headlines screamed out "Brutal Murder, small town preacher's wife"

The crime rocked all of Colbert County as each new fact came to light
It seems the Preacher had a girl he counseled on the side
Now the shit was coming down and she was scared to lie
The preacher came home from the funeral and found Policemen waiting

The heathens, it seems, got coked up and drunk and did a lot of communicating
Life is cheap for a couple of creeps but this here is the smoker
Their prints were found all around the room but not on the fireplace poker
The Preacher's son brought his father home and followed him inside

Shots rang out in the Tuscumbia night. Was he alone when he died?
"Don't call the son for questioning, that bullet was deserved
Better call it suicide, justice has been served"
Better call it suicide, justice has been served
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