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Drive-by Truckers - Buttholeville tab

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The Riff:

Listen to the song to get the timing, its pretty simple

Tired of living in Buttholeville

Tired of my job and my wife Lucille
Tired of my kids Ronnie and Neil
Tired of my 68 Bonneville

Working down at Billy Bobís Bar and Grille

The food here tastes like the way I feel
Thereís a girl on the dance floor dressed to kill
Sheís the best looking woman in Buttholeville

One day Iím gonna get out of Buttholeville
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Gonna reach right in Gonna grab the till
Buy a brand new hat and a Coupe deVille
lay a patch on the road that runs over the hill

Thereís a beach somewhere where the waterís are still

Gonna lay in the sun till my skin peals
Drinking the best scotch whiskey, eating lobster and eel
and Iím never going back to Buttholeville

A                                                 G
Never going, never going, never going never going back!

lyrics by Patterson Hood
music by Adamís House Cat (Cooley, Cahoon, Hood, Tremblay)
©1990 Cat House Music (ASCAP)
additional music by Drive-by Truckers (Cooley, Hood, Howell, Lane, Neff, and Stacy)
©1998 Soul Dump Music

Tabbed by D-PAC
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