Dropkick Murphys - Sunday Hardcore Matinee chords

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Dropkick Murphys: Sunday Hardcore Matinee.

Standard tuning, Dropkick plays with a capo on third fret.

Intro: C F C A C F C F G C 

Verse 1

C                                   F                C
Fifteen kids in a pickup truck your Chucks, a case of beer
C                                        A
Pack of Luckys, jeans rolled up your one way out of here
C                            F                  C
Heard them on a compilation we traded in the mail
C                   F          G                  C
Been waiting such a long time tonight we cannot fail
C                         F                   C
On the way to a matinee a Sunday hardcore show
C                                              A
They played it loud, they played it fast most folks don't want to know
C                                 F              C
Dancing hard, skank and slam the action never ends
C                  F                G              C
Stagedive, kick, jump and flip pig pile on all your friends


We had each other
C                      G
Things are different today
C                                  A            G        C       F
We've still got each other and the glory never fades away
A               G         C
The glory never fades away

(Repeat verse)

(Repeat chorus)

Use the same chord progression as verse and chorus during the instrumental part.

(Repeat chorus)

Rock on!
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