Dropout Year - Biggest Fan chords

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The other tab is too confusing this is simple and the chord names are correct

walks on the beach
     Gadd9       D               Cadd9
as you bury your heart in the sand,
   Gadd9   D            Cadd9
and bury our love in the past.
      Cadd9         Am7     Cadd9
Ill always be your biggest fan.

Cadd9                 Gadd9      D
dying to live for a hint of attention.
nights in his bed
           Gadd9         D            Cadd9
you neglected to mention
             Am7     Cadd9
your boy back home


Cadd9 Gadd9    D
and i wanted to tell you
D           Cadd9             
Im letting you go now.
Cadd9      Gadd9        Am7            Cadd9
gave up on hope with this song and a note.
Cadd9   Gadd9            Am7  Cadd9
always thought wed make it somehow.
Cadd9     Gadd9          Am7             D
gave up on hope with this letter that you wrote


Cadd9                  Gadd9          D
gave up on us for just one night of passion,
Cadd9                     Gadd9        D
loving and lusting while everyones laughing.


Message me with any questions.... enjoy playing!!!!!
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