Dubliners - The Old Alarm Clock chords

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C                                  G       C
When first I came to London In the year of 39
      F                    C                            G
The city looked so wonderful, and the girls were so Divine
            F                      C                          G
But the coppers got suspicious, and they soon gave me the knock
         C                                G          C
I was charged with being the owner, of an old alarm clock

  C                                          G                             
Well next morning down by Marlborough Street, I caused no 
little stir
      F         C          G
The I.R.A were busy and a telephone did burr
              F              C                   G
Says the judge I'm going to charge you, with the possession of this machine.
          C                               G 
And I'm also going to charge you, with the wearing of the 
C                                       G             C
Well says I to him, your honor, if you give me half a chance
     F               C                                  G
I'll show you how me small machine can make the peelers dance
          F         C                                  G
Well it ticks away politely, 'till you get an awful shock
          C                            G             C
And it ticks away the gellignite, on me old alarm clock
C                                          G                C
O the judge says listen here my man and I'll tell you of a plan
     F              C              G
For you and all your countrymen I do net give a damn
             F           C                  G
Well the only time you'll take is mine, ten years in Dartmoor dock
        C                                    G            C
And you can count it by the ticking, of your old alarm clock.
C                                        G             C
Well this lonely Dartmoor City would put many in the jigs
       F               C                G
The cell it isn't pretty and it isn't very big
         F            C                            G
Sure long ago I'd have left the place, if I had only got,
           C                              G            C 
Ah me couple of sticks of gelignite and me old alarm clock

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