Dum Dum Girls - He Gets Me High chords

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 "He Gets Me High" (Dee Dee Penny)

 From the EP of the same name (2011)

 E D A E X4 (main Riff)

   E      D    A         E
 I put so much into your smile, 
    E       D     A       E
 it gets me by,it gets me high
 E         D      A       E
 So much weight upon your voice,
   E       D        A       E    
 I have no choice,I have no choice (have no choice)

 I hold my breath 'til you come back 
 the picture's black,the picture's black
 I promise not to call you back,
 but heaven knows, I can't keep that (can't keep that)


        D           A       E 
     Oh,words don't fail me now, oh-oh-oh,
     D      A       E                    
     I must win you over somehow,oh-oh-oh,
        D         A      E
     to this side of the dream, oh-oh-oh,
            D          A     E
     You've brought me to my knees!

 I will say this night's confession,
 It's my obsession, I've learnt no lesson
 who cares what real life I'm missing,
 our electric fate with a cosmic kiss (cosmic kiss)

 I could not help it if I tried,
 his lips alone give the breath of life
 I do not care when,how, or why,
 He gets me high, he gets me high

 Bridge, then:

      D              A
      Oh, to be your destiny,
         D          A
      is all I ever want to be,
      D              A
      oh, to be your destiny,
         D          A
      is all I ever want to be...(into riff)

 he gets me high...(to fade over main riff)
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