Dum Dum Girls - Teardrops On My Pillow chords

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 Teardrops on My Pillow (Penny)
 From "Only In Dreams" (2012)
 Capo 2nd Fret.

 |G/D A/D |X2

    A                 G
 My nightmares have a certain tone
      D                G 
 itís dangerous to be left alone 
   A                 G
 I wander blindly through my fears 
         D                   G
 itís strange and dark and youíre not there 
                  A G D G         A G D G
 'Cause  youíre gone.....youíre gone

 Heartbreak washes over me
 like moonlight soft, I cannot see 
 Iím angry, I recall your face 
 now thereís nothing in its place
 Cause youíre gone, youíre gone
                         D  Dsus2  A Asus2 E  A
    (All thatís left is) Teardrops on my   pillow 
     D   Dsus2 A  Asus2 E  A
     Teardrops on my    pillow, (All thatís left is) 
     D   Dsus2 A  Asus2 E  A      D   Dsus2 A  Asus2 E  A
     Teardrops on my    pillow....Teardrops on my    pillow

  | Intro X1 |

  I send your body up in flames 
  the ash collected for your grave 
  Will smudge my heart will smudge my mind
  And settle somewhere deep inside 

  Iíll cast your memory out to sea
  the tide will bring it back to me
  Cause youíre gone, youíre gone, youíre gone...Chorus
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