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Duncan Browne - Gabilan tab

by Duncan Brown

Standard Tuning
Capo @ 7th Fret

Note: I wasn't quite sure how to space this out since it has a different time signature.
This is as much sense as I could make of it.

 Cmaj7       Em                       Cmaj7       Em
 The         Sun         strikes      the         sand        and

 Cmaj7       Em
 shim-       -mers       the

 Am7         Em          Am7         Gmaj7
 world       to          haze        and

 Em7         Gmaj7        Em7
 liz-        -ards       crawl       be-

 Am7         Em          Am7         Em
 -neath      the         rocks       to

|------0-----------0-----------0-----------0-----------1-----| this bar
|----1---1-------1---1-------1---1-------1---1-------1---1---| varies
|--2-------2---2-------2---2-------2---2-------2---2-------0-| in length.

(Also, not 100% sure of the lyrics. Comment if you have a better idea.)

The Earth dare not move lest it's whitened bones be shown. The air is still and even 
heat perspires.

But, high in the breeze there's another world that's cool. The silent sea belongs to Gabilan.

He drifts without a thought knowing not love nor hate. His liquid shadow cruciform below.

He has no compassion for those who crumble to dust, nor can he help them find what they 
learned at birth.

A hawk-- I would be up there with you but alas I have no beauty, I can only wish.
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