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Duncan Sheik - Mouth On Fire tab

I'd been searching high and low for a transcription of this amazing song
forever. I never found one so I decided to try and work it out on my own.
Let me warn you folks though that I didn't exactly try that hard to get it
note-perfect like some of you hardcore people do. So take this tab for what
it is and that's just my own version of the song - the way I play it, the
way I hear it through my normal stereo speakers. Enjoy yo'self!

Mouth On Fire
Duncan Sheik
Phantom Moon
pretend-tabbed by Arthur Liam del Mundo []

Tuning: D G D G B D (Open G)

intro and verse

--0----0--0----0---0---0---3---2---7----| chord shapes here are to finger plucked
--0----0--0----0---0---0----------------| experiment with it

"i brought my heart to feed..."

(verse 2x)

bridge A
--4----3----4--(4)--3----3----0-----[6]------| play bridge A 2X
--5----4----5--(5)--2----3----7------[5]-[7]-|     notes in [] are for string section =)
--5----5----5--(5)--0----0-------------------|     notes in () are played the 2nd time around

"where the silver streets? where the blossoming?"


*this part is admittedly the least accurate but it still kinda works
----------------------     ----------------------|
----------------------     ----------------------|
--8--10--8--10--8-10--     --8--10--8--10--8-10--|
---------------------- 2X  ----------------------| 2X
--8-------------------     ----------------------|
----------------------     --10------------------|

"la da da dah da da..."

----------------------     ----------------------|
-----3-----3----3-----     -----3-----3-----3----|
--2-----2-----2-------     --3-----3-----3-------|
---------------------- 2X  ----------------------| 2X
----------------------     ----------------------|
--3-------------------     --1-------------------|

"la da da nana na na nanah...."
"where all might cease...the talk the walk the posturing..."


--3------3-0-2-3--3-2--0--0-------0--0-------0-| play a bajillion times
--1--------1-1-1--1-1--1--2----------2---------| with variations

"where poetry? where mystic harmonies?"
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