Duran Duran - The Man Who Stole A Leopard chords

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The Man Who Stole A Leopard
From the album All You Need Is Now by Duran Duran

Intro:  Gm  D  Bb - C

Do you know where we are
D                  Bb   C                 Gm
I'm longing for the dark, of our nocturnal life
D                         Bb
It begins and ends with you
Don't spill my secret


Ab       G             Cm                         Ab
You were once running wild, hiding in the morning mist
         Eb             G
Game demands I make you mine

Ab             G          Cm                         
Ab       Eb
I thought that I could resist, but the leopard in you, silently preyed on

Gm  Gm - D - C

                   Gm                       D
I made my way back home (Did you follow her?)
                         Bb                 C
I handled her with care (Were you in control?)
               Gm                           D
So elegant and sleek (Were you not afraid?)
                    Bb                         C
I need her to be near. (Does she belong to you?)

Don't spill my secret.

CHORUS (Repeat Above)

 Gm  Gm - D - C

                    Gm                          D
Deserted by my friends. (Don't they understand?)
                       Bb                            C
She's so much more than them. (How could they compare?)
                      Gm                       D
So now she's just for me. (No one else can see.)
                      Bb                               C
I watch her while she sleeps (Be sure she dreams of you.)

Don't spill my secret.

Ab  G  Cm  Cm   Ab  Eb  
G    : | (repeat)

 Gm                     D                         Bb
(It's been quite a while.) Since we were lost outside.

C                               Gm
(And do you miss the chase?) Now that we've both been tamed.
(Inside this gilded cage.) Prisoners of our
(You saved me from myself.) Don't spill my secret.

Gm  D  Bb - C
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