Dustin Lynch - Yeah Yeah Yeah chords

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Yeah Yeah Yeah
Dustin Lynch        Capo III

Intro.:  |(G)(D)|(A) | x 2

     D                G                                                                    
Hey baby it's good to see you again
      D                                            G                                        
This party's rockin' let's get you jumpstarted and get you a drink
  D                 G                                                                       
I love that Haggard t-shirt you got on
               D                                  G                                         
The way you're singin' along, shakin' that thing, right about now all I wanna say is
Bm         A    G                                                                         
Yeah yeah yeah, look at you lookin' all drop dead beautiful
Bm      A   G                D                        Bm    A                     
Whoa oh oh, girl, you got it got it goin' on tonight, uh uh uh
G                 D                     G                                                 
Take a little sip then lean on in for a little bit, nice and slow, girl, here we go
          D     A  G         D     A                                                      
Yeah yeah yeah,    yeah yeah yeah 
    D                        G                                                                
Hey baby, it's gettin' kinda crowded inside
      D                                              G                                        
Let's slip out back, whatcha think about that, maybe take a little ride
        D           G                                                                         
I got a radio and a half tank of gas
       D                                   D                                                  
We can ride around this one light town and see how long we can make it last

(Repeat chorus)

G                             A                                                               
C'mon girl, scoot it on over, don't be scared to get a little closer
Bm                                A                                                           
Roll on out, past the city limit, me and you fade into the distant
(Repeat Chorus)
G           D        A   G            D       A                                                     
Yeah yeah yeah,          yeah yeah yeah 
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