Dusty Springfield - Once Upon A Time chords

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Once Upon a Time

D                  G   D                  G  
When you passed my way it seemed my lucky day 
D             E     A    D     E     F#m
The world was oh-so fine once upon a time 

D                      G      D                       G  
We walked for a little while, you smiled that special smile 
D           E        A     D           E     F#m 
And when we said goodnight you held me oh-so tight 

G              C               G         	    Em
Then you found someone new and I spent my nights alone 
C				  A
Cause now we're through, there's nothing I can do 
  D         E       A
I gotta say forget, forget him, forget him 
Cause he's no good, no, no 

Now, when you pass my way I guess I'll smile and say 
To think that boy was mine once upon a time
To think that boy was mine  Once upon a time 
D     E     F#m            D     E     F#m
Once upon a time  Woh, oh, once upon a time 
No, no, no, no, no, once upon a time...

by: Josť Duarte
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