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Dusty Springfield - Breakfast In Bed chords

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Breakfast In Bed 

Bb          F            Bb        F      Bb
You've been cryin', your face is a mess
        F     Bb              F        
Come in baby, you can dry the tears on my dress
D#		      Dm
She's hurt you again I can tell
Cm			 Bb
Oh, I know that look so well
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Bb       F          Bb          F     Bb
Don't be shy you've been here before
          F              Bb       F       
Pull your shoes off, lie down and I will lock the door
And no-one has to know you've come here again
C					     F
Darling it will be like it's always been before
Come on over here

Bb           D#        Bb      D# 
Breakfast in bed and a kiss or three
Bb  G#            D#
You don't have to say you love me
Bb           D#   Bb              D#  Bb
Breakfast in bed, nothing need be said
              F  Bb  F  Bb  F             
Ain't no need

What's your hurry? Please don't eat and run
You can let her wait, my darling it's been so long
Since I've had you here you will come again
Darling it will be like it's always been before
Hey child


by: Josť Duarte
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