Dusty Springfield - Give Me Time chords

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Give Me Time 

If you'll only give me time
All the heartache that he left behind
Will fade from my mind
G7		       C7	
I'll be free to love again

If you'll only give me time
I'll forget I even knew his name
Forget that he came
I'll be no good till I can try to understand

Bbmaj7		     C
But when I'm sure I need him no more
       Bbmaj7		             C   C+
That's when I'll reach out for your hand

	   A			       F#m	
So darling give me time and you will see that I'm 
         D    E               B7   E
Ready to love you just as you love me
A		        F#m	
Wait awhile till I can find my smile
            D		  Bm        F#
And I'll be yours for as long as I live
If you'll only give me time, yeah

by: Josť Duarte
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