Dusty Springfield - All Cried Out chords

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All Cried Out 

Dm          G          Dm         G
I stayed up cryin' all night (all night)
Dm         G          Dm        G
I knew the end was in sight (in sight)
Dm             G              Dm     G
And now you're walkin' out on me (on me)
Dm               G                      Dm          G
You're wonderin' where the little tears can be (can be)
Well, baby....

Gm             C7      Gm        C7        
I'm all cried out, I'm all cried out
Gm            C7        Gm        C7      F
All my little tears are all dried out, oh yeah
Fmaj7			 Fm                   G      C
Now, that you say we're through, all cried out over you

Last night I knew we were through (we're through)
It hurt 'cause I still loved you (loved you)
Went home and couldn't fall asleep (asleep)
'Cause sleep just won't come into eyes that weep (that weep)
And that's why....


I'm all cried out
I just cant cry no more, no, no
No, no, no, no, oh
All cried out
And that's why....

Listen to me when I'm a-gonna say, 
    Gm        C7   Dm        C 
I'm all cried out, yeah, over you
Listen to me when I'm a-tellin' you, 
    Gm        C7   Dm         C7 
I'm all cried out, yeah, over you
G    C
Over you

by: Josť Duarte
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