Dusty Springfield - Live Here With You chords

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Live Here With You

Intro: Bb D#  Bb D#

Bb     			      Cm
You ask me to live here with you
     F			     Bb
If I could, love, you know I would
I can't give you my heart or my hand though you want it
        D# 	      F             Bb
I can't give you the love I know I should

And I tell you there's nobody else
It's not you, I'm just afraid
Will you show me the way so, I'm sure that I love you
Show me how true love is made

     F 		   Gm          F            Gm
If I could I would give you my heart and my hand
    F 		 Gm       F            Bb
I'd give you the sea, I'd give you the land
     Cm7           Dm7
If I found love to give you
        D#          Gm    Bb        Cm   F              Bb
I would give you my life, mmm, mmm, mmm, ooh, hoo, hoo, mmm

In my sorrow I've called out your name
In my dreams I've known only you
Is this love that I feel?
Am I foolin' myself when I wish for my dreams to come true?


All the pain on my life would be gone
Oh, my love, if you only knew
You'd be kissin' away all the tears of my joy
When you ask me to live here with you

by: Josť Duarte
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