Dusty Springfield - My Colouring Book chords

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My Colouring Book
D						       E
For those who fancy colouring books and lots of people do
Gm                   D
Here's a new one for you
A most unusual colouring book, the kind you'll never see
Em7                         A             D  G  D  A
Crayons ready? Very well, begin to colour me

D             G         D              G          D    G  D  A 
These are the eyes that watched him as he walked away
            D    G  D  A
Colour them grey
D           G          D                G         D    G  D  A            
This is the heart that thought he would always be true
          D    G  D  D7
Colour it blue

              G         Gmaj7        G7 
These are the arms that held him and touched him
G6           G
Lost him somehow
Colour them empty now

These are the beads I wore until she came between
Colour them green

This is the room that I sleep in and walk in 
And weep in and hide in
That nobody, nobody's seen
Oh, colour it lonely, please

This is the man whose love I depended upon
Colour him gone 

by: Josť Duarte
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