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Dusty Springfield - Nothing Is Forever chords

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Nothing Is Forever
B	   D#m7     E            D#m7
Nothing is forever, always is a dream
G#7             C#m7      F#             B     
Life goes by so fast, you try to make it last
		    A        C#m7	     F#    
The future turns to past and summer turns to snow, Ohhh....Ohhh

Nothing is forever I will understand 
If you want me for tonight just come and hold me tight
And with the morning light if summer turns to snow
    B     D#m7     E     F#         
You can go, Ohhh....Ohhh....
Now here I am wanting you
     E         C#7
Yes, here I am wanting to

For a lifetime or a day or just the month of May
Well, it's easier to stay knowing you can go

B	       D#m7     E             F#  B
And nothing is forever, nothing is forever 

by: Josť Duarte
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