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Dyme Def - Let It Be chords

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This song is the same chords as the original by the Beatles, except on the fifth 
fret with a capo. Enjoy!

With Capo on 5th- C G Am F
Without Capo- F C Dm Bb

A victim of a man
That substitute his mouth for his hand
So when he talk you hear a blam, damn
See my father figure? That my mom should be the father figure
And heíll leave with some bottle liquor
But my mama never stopped the nigger
Until he spurge a papa quicker then she gone for the cops to get her
And Iím like One, Two, One, Two is the mic on?
Cause yíall aint feelin the song
What Iím feeliní is wrong
Hey dad you aint still in the wrong
But a young manís aging and you still aint called
Iím so stressed that I really need you back
And I cherish my mom and thatís thanks to bein black
Iím sorry D-Black, you might have lost your mom
But you gained a family in return
And you learned
You can always let it be, but you never let it burn
Im just hopin it wont be my turn

One, Two (x5)
And when I get to three, imma let it all go and let it be
One, Two (x5)
And when I get to three, imma let it all go and let it be

See now on a different note
Shes singing but im hearing different notes
With every different quote
I try to tell her that I love her but she donít listen
And when I try to spend time she end up missin
The only thing stoppiní me from cheatiní
Is the only thing thatís stoppiní her from leaving
But I donít know if thatís there anymore
Cause I find myself staring at whores
And she find herself closing the doors
So how can that work?
This aint even a song
This is just for you to hear whats wrong
Thatís what Iím telling my mom
But she knew all along
Why canít we all get along?
You stuck on the he said, she said, I said, you said
Iím so confused I think I didnít say
I got a tight grip but I might slip
Itís funny how life clip cause cupid just might miss

Let it be x4
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

Iím at a point in my life
That the main issue is trying to have a joint in my life
They point at my life and laugh
See I got two jobs and I still broke
See I got bad asthma and I still smoke
The doctors telling me my breathing is getting worse
And soon I wonít be able to spit a verse
Now Iím feeling cursed
No turning to my dad, cause heís too far to look for
So the chords for this song (cover actually) are the same as the original by the 
Beatles, except they're played on the 5th fret. ]

Without Capo- F C Dm Bb 
With Capo- C G Am F

So instead I look forward
But I donít look forward to seeing him
At night I still have bad dreams of being him
People say you look just like your dad
You got his laugh
You got his walk
You got his talk
But I donít got his heart
No Iím much stronger my armour
Is too insane you could drop a bomb on it
The enemy is really myself
The enemy is what really need help
Somebody help

One, two x13
And when I get to three, imma let it all go and let it be
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