Earlimart - Heaven Adores You tab

			     Heaven Adores You - Earlimart
Tabbed by:Ed

       A#    Dm     G     A

A#              Dm
 stepped on the cracks
A#                     Dm
 but you broke your own back
A#                   Dm
 the things that you own
          G                A
that you bought and stole

A#                 Dm
 we knocked on the doors 
A#                   Dm
 tell me what its all for 
A#                 Dm
 who am I suppose to be
 G              A
 anyone but me

A# Dm A# Dm A# Dm G A

A#               Dm
 got dirt on your face 
A#                         Dm
 still you got something to say 
A#                 Dm
 gonna' make it all right 
        G               A
 if you find the time 

A#                Dm
 and Heaven adores you 
A#            Dm 
 Heaven adores you 
A#          Dm 
 Heaven adores 
 G        A
  you now
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