Earth And Fire - Storm And Thunder chords

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Cm Adim7 Fm Cm
Eb G# G#m

Cm                        Adim7
Darkness of the night has gone
  Fm                        Cm
A blackbird sings a song at dawn
Crystal drops of morning dew
are covering all the grass
    G#m                        Cm
The landscape wears its morningdress

The foliage of the wood shines bright
As green as emerald's light
Over the fields vibrating air
causes a faintly glance
Some cows are grazing near a fence

While lowering clouds accumalate
Midges dancing above the lake
The haymakers, they go away
hiding for a storm
A flash of lightening struck

Cm        Adim7
Storm and thunder
Fm       Cm
Beat the nature
Eb              G#
Down gushes the rain
    G#m             Cm
and wind cracks the trees

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