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Echo And The Bunnymen - Yo Yo Man tab

Yo Yo Man

A            E           A    E
Froze to the bone in my igloo home
A            E             A   E     A      E  A  E 
Counting the days 'til the ice turns green
    A         E          A      E
You know when Heaven and hell collide
      A  E  A  E   A     E
There are no in-betweens 
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C              E       C        E
Flames on your skin of snow turn cold
C           E          C            E   C
Cold as the wind that blows through my headstone

Break:  Bb  C Em (3x)   D  Bm (3X)

Collecting the bones of my friends tonight
Sowing the seeds in a fruitless land
You know when prayers all hit the ground
There is no higher hand


I'm the yo-yo man, always up and down
So take me to the end of your tether

Chorus, Break and fade

By: Josť Duarte
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