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Ed Harcourt - Those Crimson Tears tab

Artist: Ed Harcourt
Song: Those Crimson Tears
Album: Here Be Monsters

Intro: Am/C/F/C (x2)  then Am/G

Am                      C
Moving Like A Dancing Bear
       F          C
Its In My Blood
Am                             C
Falling Down the Marble Stairs
       F           C
It?s In My Blood
[ Tab from: ]
D5                     Em                         F(high)        F                                   G
Oh My Dear, That?s The Way, I Am Made, I?m Afraid

Chorus: [note I?m not one hundred percent sure about this chorus. Feedback would be appreciated-
Those Crimson Tears
Drip On the Floor
Drip on the bar
Those Crimson Tears
Stain what I wore
Drip on the bar

Tom McKibbin
Any queries then e-mail me.
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