Eddie Rabbitt - Suspicions chords

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Eddie Rabbitt

Capo 3


Am   D   Am   D

Verse 1:

Am                  D
I’m so glad that I met you, baby
Am                        D
And I’m so proud when we walk down the street
Am                        D
And I know it’s crazy to worry like I do
Am                               D
But I get this feelin’ that I’m losing you


       F        Em
I get these suspicions
       Am      Dm                      
Even though I know that you love me, baby
       Fm                        Em
And I really shouldn't feel this way
F   Em
        Am              Dm
I can’t help it you’re just so good lookin’
      G                                         Am D Am D         
I’m afraid somebody’s gonna steal you away from me

Verse 2:

Am                  D
When I go out to a party with you
Am                     D
You always turn every head in the room
Am                         D
And I just know what’s on every mans mind
Am                         D
I try to fight it, but it gets me sometimes

[Repeat Chorus]


F  Em  Am  Dm  Fm  Em
F  Em  Am  Dm  G   Am

Verse 3:

Am                    D
When I’m with you, I feel so satisfied
Am                             D
The way you touch me when you lay by my side
Am                             D
And that look you get in your eyes when we make love
Am                        D
Makes me hate myself for what I’m thinkin’ of

[Repeat Chorus x 2]
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