Eddie Vedder - Better Days chords

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Better Days  -  Eddie Vedder

(G  D  G  D  G)

       D              G            D             G
I feel part of the universe opened up to meet me
    D            G               D
My emotion so submerged,  broken down to kneeling
C         Cmaj7     C6          Cmaj7  G
Once listening      Voices they came
       D              G            D     G
Had to somehow read myself, read myself
        D                 G            D
Heard vibration within my cells, in my cells

        F                        G
Singing ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah

           D               G
My love is safe for the universe
       D                G
See me now I'm bursting
        D             G                 D
On one planet so many turns, different worlds

        F                        (C)
Singing ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah

 (C C7sus4 C C7sus4 C C7sus4   G)

        D               G
From my heart with discipline
          D                G
Put there for the teaching
      D                   G
In my head see clouds of stairs
Help me as I'm reaching

C            Cmaj7    C6          Cmaj7
The future's paved    with better days

(G C G G7 C G)

I'm running from something
G          G7             C           G
I'm running   towards the day, wide awake

A whisper once quiet
G          G7         C           G
Now rising     to a scream, I am  me

I'm falling free fallin’
G               G7           C   G
World's calling    me, above my  needs

Oh I'm soaring, yeah and darling
G             G7             C               G
You'll be the one that I can need, still be free

             C          G      G7      C        G
Our future’s paved with better days.
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