Editors - Phone Book chords

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Editors - Phone Book

Capo: 1

I'm on watch here 
   D                   G
So close your eyes and get some rest 
C                      G
I'm here to watch your heart 
                C                G
It's been faulted from the start 
           Bm           C
I'm the rips in your chest 

I'm not an angel, 
I never mean to make you cry 
Jumping through my hoops 
With dissension in the troops 
And a smile inside 

Bm                    C
What's that over your shoulder? 
Bm              C
Fear of getting older 

Em   C    G   D
Stay with me. 

Sing me a love song 
From your heart or from the phone book 
It don't matter to me 
I'm an apple, you're the tree 
I won't fall when you shook 

What's that over your shoulder? 
Fear of getting older 

Stay with me. 

C  Am  Em

Solo: 2x Chords Strophe

C              D
It ends with a kiss 
It ends with a tear 
It ends with the lights up 
Bathing our fear 
Tell me nonsense 
I don't want to see 
                G                         C           D          Em
I saw the lightning cut through the last winter sky of the year 

Stay with me 
Keep with me...

4x C  Am  Em
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