Eels - Trouble With Dreams tab

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Eels - Trouble with Dreams

(transposed by Brian Allen)

Capo on 5th fret

I saw that there was another tab for this song, but it wasn't even close to
being right. This isn't how Eels play the song, but it should be the right
chords at least, and sounds good when played on acoustic guitar. There's a
lot of chords in this song, so make sure to check the list of chords at the
bottom, but it shouldn't be terribly difficult if you follow those. You can
also replicate the song's main riff (the xylophone thing) by playing this:


You can either do that on a second guitar, or if you're feeling adventurous
finger pick it with the bass notes of the chords. I'm not going to tab that
out, but if you can do it you can probably figure it out for yourself.

Am        Am/G#    Am7/G    
(repeat this for the rest of the lines)
There's nothing that i wanna do
More than get alone and be with you
Trouble with dreams is they don't come true
And when they do they can't catch up to you

D   D/C#          C         G (repeat this for next line)
You don't need a thing from me
But i need something big from you
            Em        Em/D#
'cause you know i've got
   Em/D  Em/C#       F   D
An awful lot of big dreams

I'm walking down a lonely road
Clear to me now but i was never told
Trouble with dreams is you never know
When to hold on and when to let go

If you let me down it's alright
At least that leaves something for me
'cause you know i've got
An awful lot of big dreams

This is the life that i must lead now
Crossing fingers and wiping brow
Trouble with dreams is you can't pretend
Something with no beginning has an end

You don't need a thing from me
But i need something big from you
'cause you know i've got an awful lot of big dreams


Am - X02210
Am/G# - 402210
Am7/G - 302010
Am7/F# - 202010
D - XX0232
D/C# X40232
C - X32010
G - 320033
Em - 022000
Em/D# - 021000
Em/D - 020000
Em/C# - 042000
F - 133211
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