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Eels - Roses On Your Grave tab


Don't know for sure if this is Eels but I think so... you need to hear it before playing it.
Well when you're sitting there, in you silked-posted chair...

CHOURUS (start playing 11/13 before the lyric)
         6                          11     6
         8                          13     8
Take me down little Susie, take me down... I know you think you're the
                    11               4                            11
                    13               6                            13
queen of the underground. And you can send me dead flowers every morning,
4                            11  4                            11
6                            13  6                            13
send me dead flowers in the mail, send me dead flowers to my wedding. And I
                     6             4
                     8             6
won't forget to put roses on you grave.
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